frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Why Should I Choose Sean’s Programs?

Trained as an engineer, with a unique command of the English language and a depth of experience working with corporate leaders, executives and professionals Sean has the rare ability to take otherwise intangible and complex concepts and convert them into simple lessons and tool kits. It’s this ‘tool kit’ approach that makes Sean’s offerings so special and ideal for executives, professionals in practice and technical experts.

Even challenging skills like interpersonal communications, executive presence, sales, networking or presenting are broken down into simple, step-by-step tools that help anyone learn how to apply and succeed. No matter what their background.

This ability to convert the otherwise complex to the simple, to deliver it in an engaging style and focus on getting real and measured outcomes from each coaching or training module is what makes Sean’s programs so unique and valued.


How Are Programs Delivered?

All group/team training/coaching programs are delivered online in an initial 2-hour module content format, shortly afterwards followed by a practical, hands-on one hour coaching clinic where the learning from the content is converted into practical tools and outcomes. Every module is supported by its own unique eBook, digital workbook and recorded master class made available on Sean’s digital LMS (Learning Management System). This ensures a long tail to the programs allowing delegates and teams to revisit material repeatedly after the initial training event is completed.


How Flexible Are Sean’s Programs?

Sean’s programs are highly flexible in that you can choose from a wide range of modules to create your own unique sales or communications program.

You can therefore create the program that suits your company or team best and we deliver to your order.

The only restriction on this is when you take one of globally certified CPD programs.


What About CPD (Continuous Professional Development)?

As some of our programs are globally certified by The CPD Standards Office, delegates can claim the training hours they spend on a program towards their annual CPD requirement.

As a result certain programs (currently our HTA: Business Growth/Sales Communication program and our G2S Coach Certification) must be taken in full to meet the criteria. This then ensures a full in-depth training to an internationally recognised externally accredited standard.