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High Trust Advisor: Sales and Business Development Communications Program

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About the program

High Trust Advisor: Sales and Business Development Communications Program

High Trust Advisor: Sales and Business Development Communications Program

You can win and retain more high value clients when you are seen as a highly trusted advisor and valued partner.

Program introduction

What Investing in Training Your Business Development of Sales Team Delivers: Improves Motivation, Profit Margins and Productivity. Easily Win and Retain More High Value Clients. Accelerates Pipeline Success and Increases Deal-Closing Ratios. Retains Your Best Personnel and Attracts New Talent to the Team.

Skills and abilities delegates get from the program

What the Program Delivers



Maintain a positive mindset, enhance motivation and create powerful and influential sales messages that get people’s attention (Mindset, Motivation and Messaging Module)


Quickly identify and build trust with different prospect and client personalities and develop successful communications strategies (Connecting in Colour Module)


Improve client engagement, meeting management, successfully overcome objections and improve deal closing skills (Advanced Questioning and Influencing Skills Module).


Quickly and effortlessly connect with new business contacts through professional networking live and online (Networking to Build Business and Brand Module)


Create and deliver compelling and successful sales presentations and pitches to live and digital audiences (The Psychology of Winning Presentations Skills Live and Online Module)


Manage your professional boundaries, improve assertiveness, personal organisation and performance and take back control over your professional time (Managing Your Professional Time Module)

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This program is based on the book ‘The Highly Trusted Advisor: How to Lead Team and Win Clients in the Hybrid Age’ by Sean Weafer

Each program is supported by digital workbooks, eBooks and digital audio master classes.

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CPD Provider

2021 - 2022


Hours CPD Accreditation

The HTA Sales and Business Development Communications program is a fully CPD certified and approved program and the time involved (19.5 hours) goes to professional CPD hours if all 6 modules are selected as a the chosen program.

Module selection
Option 1

Complete all modules for CPD Accreditation

CPD Accredited Badge
Option 2

Modules can be grouped or taken individually to create a tailored program for you and your team.

Module selection

Modules can be grouped or taken individually to create a tailored program for you and your team.

*Modules can be grouped or taken individually to create a tailored program for you and your team.
Complete all modules for CPD Accreditation .
*Modules can be grouped or taken individually to create a tailored program for you and your team.



Program Delivery

Each module consists of a two-hour content session, followed a week or later by a 60- minute hands-on group coaching session where we deliver on the practical outcomes from the program module. All programs are delivered digitally.

Supporting Resources

Each workshop is supported by the digital e-books, workbooks, online access to the audio master classes of all programs and unlimited email access to the course coach during the program.

What Sean's clients are saying

Program Testimonials

Gary Mullane

Director at BearingPoint
I would highly recommend Sean to a professional services firm looking to build and foster a team of influencers. Sean has an innate ability to introduce and engrain intuitive and very effective tools which can quickly and easily be brought into your discussions with both external and internal customers. He reveals his proven techniques of effective networking through to influencing and rapidly enables you to focus on your customers real needs and transform your firms assumed differentiators into compelling messages for a customer. Not only was the coaching insightful and extremely relevant, Sean's style also made it very enjoyable

Jonathon Wood

Head of Corporate Benefits at MERCER UK
The 'High Trust Advisor' training is the best sales training session I have attended. Engaging and intuitive, the session makes you think carefully about existing habits. When applied, the techniques that you will develop from this course will have a very positive impact on performance. I would highly recommend Sean to any company looking to improve sales productivity.

Richard Knight

Driving Sales and Supply Chain Management
Sean really made me think differently the last two days. His command and use of the English language is unique and exceptional. He delivers just not a presentation but a very interactive, collaborative training session. It was a real eye opener. In fact it’s not training but a complete reprogramming of the obvious. His delivery had me smiling from ear to ear, whilst getting me to deeply think about everything I’ve leaned over the last 30 years in sales and logistics. Now I just need practice! The last two days will change my attitude and approach to everything I do in business.

Garry Mcluckie

Marketing communications director at Edinburgh based FinTech, Nucleus Financial
I recently worked with Sean on our Illuminate events where he delivered hi 'High Trust Networker' programme. The feedback has been nothing short of excellent. Without a powerpoint slide in sight Sean had each workshop group fully engaged, actively participating and thoroughly enjoying themselves in quick time.A very refreshing and thought provoking approach, well structured, crammed with practical examples and very professionally executed.I'd have no hesitation in recommending Sean as a professional speaker!

Peter Russel

Managing Director at CANCOM UK & Ireland
Bringing Sean into our business in BT was a great move and results were almost immediate.If you want your team to get movitated and drive improved results, then hire Sean!

Gerry Cleary

Global HR Director at Keywords Studios Group
I have worked with Sean on coaching and management development programs. I have engaged him for projects in Ireland, UK and the Middle East. Sean has consistently delivered outstanding results from the individuals and teams he has worked with. His dynamic, creative approach has been hugely popular and typically I have line managers and executives delighted with the results achieved. Sean understands business and knows how to help individuals, teams and organisations achieve their goals. I am delighted to recommend Sean and the services he provides

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You can complete this program by doing all modules (CPD Accredited) or by selecting only the modules you are interested in completing:
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