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Networking is the single most powerful executive brand building or new client acquisition skill, ever.

Let me explain in simple and fun steps both the psychology and the tips and tricks that allow you to switch on your natural networker.

Make networking a successful strategy for your team, to grow new business opportunities or to project a strong personal leadership or team brand.

As we continue to get back into the room after the pandemic,  invest in learning how to work any room elegantly, professionally, with confidence and measured results.


Networking at it's best.

As companies, executives, professionals and sales teams strive to rebuild their brand, their influence and their access to key people in the post-Covid era, it is a critical competency in leadership and sales.

Being able to 'work a room' comfortably, confidently and professionally without ever seeming to be 'pushy' or obtrusive to the other people in the room is the number one in-demand skill as we emerge into the new hybrid and post-pandemic era.

With Networking Skills, you get the following practical results:

The Networking Skills program is available either as a fun and transformational sales kick off or conference keynote or as a in-depth in-house or online workshop.

Result 1

Understand the power of personal contact and digital networking, what networking actually is and what it isn’t.

Result 2

Explore the power of the ‘niche’ and how to identify and get access to high value and influential prospects or clients through networking.

Result 3

How to define and choose the ideal networking events

Result 4

How to use LinkedIn as an online networking tool and how to develop your digital networking presence.

Result 5

How to prepare for a networking event and create your networking objective.

Result 6

Lose the fear of networking forever.

Result 7

Learn how to successfully introduce yourself to people in breakout rooms or at live events.

Result 8

Capture and hold a contact’s attention with excellent conversational skills.

Result 9

Create a structured networking conversation.

Result 10

Learn how to successfully probe for value or opportunity.

Result 11

Exit elegantly from an in-person meeting.

Result 12

How to follow-up successfully.

Result 13

Get a minimum of 3 ‘warm’ prospect meetings from every event (sales or business development teams).
Sean Weafer facilitating a Coaching Session


The High Trust Advisor Series: The High Trust Networker.

Here's what our clients are saying:

Garrett Coleman

Sean's High Trust Networker Program challenged me and gave me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone when networking. The tools and techniques that Sean described so well were empowering and have proven highly effective in practice.

Senior Manager, People & Strategy at BearingPoint
Adie McGennis

I had heard a lot of positive feedback on Sean, but only recently engaged Sean to do a session on high performance networking. We had a senior, experienced audience and it was unbelievable how much we didn't know !! Sean delivery and technique was professional and enjoyable, but, most importantly, had an immediate, positive, practical impact. I'd highly recommend Sean on this basis for real impactful performance-based training.

CEO Sigmar Recruitment

Frequestly Asked

I Hate Networking, Can You Help Me?

Absolutely. Networking is actually a very unnatural thing for us to do because it exposes us to rejection and nobody wants to be rejected.

In this speech or workshop I share practical skills on how to read a room, break the ice, have a quality conversation, (if relevant) probe for opportunity, be confident and so much more that you'll be looking for opportunities to network as soon as you leave the room!

Why Is It Important to Me As a Manager or Leader?

A leader's networks allow them to be able to effect change up close and at a distance. It increases their ability to be able to influence and make an impact at many different levels within their organisation or industry.

It gives them access to information denied to others and builds a professional brand that is respected. valued and noticed when the time comes for promotion.

Why Is It Important to Me as a Business Development or Sales Professional?

Networking is a fundamental competency of sales.

Business development is about finding people who have challenges and problems that our service or product can solve and then we monetise the exchange.

During Covid, we were all over social media but we discovered that there is NO substitute for being in the right room, with the right people, with the right message at the right time and in person.

I'd rather do "hot coffees over cold calls" all day, every day.

Career changing tips on how to level up your networking skills

Tip #1
Always Have an Objective
Tip #2
Choosing the Right Room
Tip #3
Asking Permission
Tip #4
Always About the Other
Tip #5
Never Pitch
Tip #6
How to Exit Elegantly
Tip #7
Always Follow Up
Enjoy the future of Networking

No more cold calls.
Just hot coffees.

Let Sean Weafer and Networking Skills show you how to build a powerful leadership presence or executive brand OR in sales, how to get a minimum of 30 plus new warm business contacts every year, with no cold calls.

Think about the difference that can make.