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Transforming Experts

Into Highly Trusted Advisors

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Lead Teams And Win Clients

In The Hybrid age

Helping Experts in Practice and in Enterprise Develop the Leadership and Sales Communications Skills to Empower, Captivate and Motivate Your Team, Board and Clients to Follow Your Vision in the New Era. Be Respected and Valued by Your Teams, Colleagues, Board and Clients for Your Passion As Well As Your Expertise.
Sean Weafer
Coaching executives and professionals in practice
Sean Weafer
Coaching executives and professionals in practice
Sean Weafer
Coaching executives and professionals in practice
Sean Weafer
Coaching executives and professionals in practice
Sean Weafer
Coaching executives and professionals in practice
Sean Weafer
Coaching executives and professionals in practice
Sean Weafer
Coaching executives and professionals in practice
Sean Weafer
Coaching executives and professionals in practice
Sean Weafer
Coaching executives and professionals in practice
Sean Weafer
Coaching executives and professionals in practice


"In a new hybrid world where AI will increasingly do the transactional work, successful practice professionals and expert corporate leaders will invest in developing their executive presence, their communication and coaching skills to become enablers of success in their teams, colleagues, boards and clients.

- Sean Weafer


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Transforming experts and professionals like you,

into highly trusted communicators and advisors able to enable success in others and be recognised for their value at team, board, organisation and client level.


Sean is an international G2S® and Marshal Goldsmith certified leadership coach with expertise in leadership communications, business development, building teams, enhancing executive presence, networking and professional-level speaking skills.

Sean is an engineer by profession whose speciality is in taking complex concepts in communications and creating highly practical and measurable tool kits for his clients to help them excel in all areas.
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Companies that loved working with Sean

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What Sean Does



Helping expert leaders and professionals achieve real results.  

Access the proven processes, strategies and experience that sets Sean apart from other coaching professionals. Sean's approach is completely tailored to meet your specific needs while providing structured, measured, accountable and result-driven outcomes. You're in safe hands.

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What Sean Does



Delivering high-impact, deeply insightful messages to your audience both virtually and live.

Sean is a professional speaker on the global stage delivering humour, loads of energy, deep insight and meaningful content. Sean’s clients have included leadership, sales teams and professionals associations from The Financial Times, the ACCA, Praxis, Google, Johnson & Johnson and more. He has just recently been announced as the opening keynote speaker of the Global Speakers Summit for international professional speakers in 2022.

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What Sean Does

G2S Coaching School

Coaching School

Creating CPD-certified, competent, respected and successful coaches.

Coaching is a critical leadership skill post-Covid. Learn how to use the proven process and structure of the G2S (Global to Specific) system in your coaching and how to deliver measured outcomes for your colleagues, team members or clients with Sean's CPD accredited and validated program.

Or turn your unique personal expertise and knowledge into a successful service business to generate a 'side' income, a retirement income or a full-time practice.

Sean delivering a keynote presentation

What Sean Does



Transforming leaders and their teams from experts into influencers who can lead at team, board and organisational level.

This new era has brought several challenges for practice professionals, leaders in organisations and sales teams, so to stop surviving and start thriving, experts need to move from being a functional expert to being an enabler of success in others. Achieve that with one of Sean's CPD accredited programs today.

What Sean Does



Providing unique insights that transform experts into Highly Trusted Advisors and leaders.

Sean is the author of several books and eBooks. He provides specific, actionable insights to help you achieve game-changing results

What Sean's clients are saying

Client Testimonials

Emer O’Driscoll

International Tax Director at
It was a pleasure working with Sean. He thought me many skills around how to better manage my time and motivate my team. This was particularly useful while we are all working remotely. Through his experience, Sean was able to provide real life examples that were relevant to my role. I will retain many of the skills learned going forward and I would recommend Sean to my colleagues.

Peter Fagan

Senior Director Global Finance at
I would highly recommend Sean to anyone looking for a strong professional coach. Sean's unique approach helped me to challenge myself and push the boundaries out and focus on how to achieve key objectives in a practicable way.

Barry O’Connor

Head of Financial Analysis Elavon
Working with Sean over the last few months has provided an accelerant to the achievement of a number of my developmental objectives and has left me with a number of very useful additional tools for the kit! His coaching system which is focused on personnel accountability and tangible, measurable actions ensures a proactive approach and positive reinforcement loop as objectives are systematically tackled through small achievable actions. Greatly, appreciated the support and direction he offered during the programme and would highly recommend to anyone who is ready to take accountability for reaching the next stage in their professional / executive development.
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Growth Resources

Sean's articles and media focus on helping practice professionals, expert leaders and sales teams become highly trusted advisors, improving interpersonal skills to develop the human connection and learn to build relationships founded on high levels of high trust.

frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What services does Sean offer?

Sean offers the following services:

1. Coaching for functional experts (professional practice partners, finance, accounting, sales, medical, legal, technical leaders etc.) in communications skills, presenting and speaking, enhancing performance in themselves and their teams and growing one's executive presence, brand and perceived value with your team, board, organisation, industry or with high value clients.

2. Team coaching and training in leadership and advanced sales communications.

3. Professional conference speaking, event host or panel facilitation services and

4. Professional training and CPD certification of  coaches within organisations OR for those considering launching a professional coaching practice and turning their expertise into a service business.


Who benefits from these services?

1. Senior or Equity Partners, Heads of Department, VP and SVPs, C level officers, Directors.

2. Salaried Partners, Middle-Senior Managers and Executives.

3. Management, Finance, Accounting, Medical, Legal and Technical Teams (communications and client engagement skills)

4. Business development, sales and account management teams.


Are these services CPD Accredited?

The following programs are current accredited globally by The CPD Standards Office:

1. The High Trust Advisor: Professional Communications Skills Program

2. The High Trust Advisor: Business Development Communications Program (Full 6 module program)

2. The G2S Certified Coach Practitioner Program

This means that finance, accounting, legal and tech professionals can benefit from gaining CPD (Continuous Professional Development) hours on attending these programs and for executives and teams where CPD is not a requirement they can be assured that these programs have been rigorously assessed to a recognised global standard.


How are these services delivered?

Services are delivered online and globally via Zoom or MS Teams.

All live facilitation is supported by a range of recorded master classes, eBooks, workbooks and psychometric tools, that support, deepen and increase the value of the learning from all programs.


How long do these services take?

The ideal coaching program is recommended based on the client’s specific needs, seniority and budget after taking our initial free 50 minute coaching complimentary session. All programs are individually tailored and delivered online.

1. The High Performance Leader Program: Equity Partner, C Suite, Board Director, Head of Department Program:

This 8 month strategic leadership and communications coaching program is recommended for Equity Partners, C-Level, Director, VP and Department Heads and consists of:

1. An initial personal half-day strategy workshop for you (3 hours)
2. 16 x 60 minute sessions over 8 months.
3. A communications workshop of your choice for your team (3 hours)
4. Your personal G2S Coaching System.
5. Your personal copy of 'The High Trust Advisor: How to Lead Teams and Win Clients in the Hybrid Age'
6. Access to an online series of recorded master classes on communications, networking, time management and more.
7. Unlimited email access to your coach for the duration of the program.

This coaching program (as well as addressing communications, time management and developing executive presence and brand) also covers strategy, managing stakeholder, board or senior client relations and reflection, challenge, accountability and innovation time for the senior executive.

2. The Executive Coaching Program: Salaried Partners, Middle-Senior Managers, Directors and Executives

This 4 month coaching program is recommended for salaried partners in practice and directors, mid-senior managers and executives reporting to heads of function, department or the board.

1. 8 x 60 minute coaching sessions over 4 months.
2. Your personal G2S Coaching System.
3. Your personal copy of 'The High Trust Advisor: How to Lead Teams and Win Clients in the Hybrid Age'
4. Access to an online series of recorded master classes on communications, networking, time management and more.
5. Unlimited email access to your coach for the duration of the program.

This program is ideal for mid-senior managers, executives and directors looking to address their leadership presenting and communications skills, enabling success in others, time management, personal performance , confidence, clarity and control and enhancing their executive presence and brand within the wider organisation or with clients.

3. Group or Team Coaching in Professional or Sales Communications:

These are modular-based team and group coaching and training programs in professional leadership and business development/sales skills helping leaders, executives and sales professionals communicate their messages successfully and captivate, motivate and inspire colleagues, teams and clients to follow your vision. Click on 'Programs' on the Home Menu for more details.


How do I know Sean will be a good fit for me or my organisation?

It's easy to arrange a free consultation to discuss your needs, that of your direct reports or you team. Just click on the link below to arrange an obligation-free call.

If you are looking for a coach, we offer a complimentary (free) 50 minute coaching session to suitable applicants to test our coaching system.

In this session we discuss our professional Code of Ethics and we give a specific G2S definition of coaching and how it works, then we walk you through some unique G2S coaching models.

Lastly, we have a very practical and powerful process that helps you identify and define the specific objectives that will deliver the most value for you during the program and how we will measure program outcomes. This session is obligation free. All that is invested in 50 minutes of your time and if you decide not to proceed at the very least then you have absolute clarity about what you need to do in the coming months to raise your game.

To apply for your complimentary session or free consultation simply click here.

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