Helping Practice Professionals, Leaders, Start Up Entrepreneurs and Sales Teams to Win and Retain Top Clients and Talent.

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Are you a sales or middle-manager, a director or senior associate, ready to step-up in an existing or new management or leadership role? The Next Level Leaders program prepares you for that.

This 6-month program from a unique panel of global experts, helps maximise your potential as a leader or manager and provides the skills to deliverproductivity, performance and influence.
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The Expert to Influential Leader Coaching Program helps technical or subject matter managers step into a more senior leadership role or excel in their current one.
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Click here for business development and executive coaching solutions for leaders, practice professionals, consultants, start up founders and entrepreneurs to empower their leadership, productivity, communications and business development/sales skills.

Use the proven, results-focused Global to Specific (G2S) Coaching system to deliver timely, structured and accountable business goals.
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Have you an important presentation, conference speech or pitch coming up?

Then take our unique one-day intensive program focused on empowering your company message

Helps revenue or expert leaders develop professional-level conference speaking or presentation skills to influence board, investor, staff or client audiences.
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Present with greater confidence and skill and deliver compelling and winning business, investor or sales pitches or conference keynote presentations.

With PresenterEQ win more clients or investment, build a quality reputation or build a powerful executive presence or market brand.
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Leading-edge workshops in business development and sales, leadership communications and influence. Book a globally experienced conference speaker and speaker coach for our conference speaker or pitch team.

Delivering practical tools and techniques to make you a master of your leadership, management or business development environment.
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Welcome, I'm Sean Weafer and I believe that successful business is about how we serve our clients, customers and colleagues.

I see business development and leadership as two sides of the same coin. They are both dependant on making great connections and having quality conversations with external stakeholders, to drive revenue and internal stakeholders, to drive performance and productivity.

Great business development and leadership is no longer just about expertise, the AI algorithms now do that. They're about mastering the art and science of Human2Human engagement, empathy and influence.

See below for how I help my clients win and retain more clients and engage and lead top teams.

  • For one-on-one Business Development and Executive Coaching Services Click Here.

  • the Unique Group Coaching Program for Future Leaders, Managers and Senior Associates. Click Here.

  • Workshops in Networking, Presentation and Speaking Skills. Click Here.

  • Conference and Event Speaking. Looking for a Top Level Speaker for Your Event? Click Here.

Books by Sean Weafer
Providing unique insights in leadership, sales and coaching.

I've authored several books on leadership and business development/sales skills. high performance communications and coaching. These books and their associated programs provide specific, actionable insights to help you achieve game-changing results.

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