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SeanWeafer.com is an international leadership and sales enablement firm. Scroll down for solutions in:

Management Development and Leadership Coaching
Sales Training and Sales Kick Off Speaking
Networking Skills
Presenting and Speaking Skills
Books and Digital Resources.

Sean Weafer facilitating a Coaching Session


Management Development Program and Leadership Coaching

The ManagementEQ program enables expert managers to develop more of their EQ (or emotional intelligence) skills to connect and lead with greater empathy, trust, influence and impact to excel at leading their teams, departments and stakeholders in the hybrid age.

Get ready to step up to next generation leadership.

Sean Weafer facilitating a Coaching Session


Sales and Business Development Training and Sales Kick Off Events

With AdvisorsEQ, sales professionals develop the emotional and social intelligence and influencing skills to win and retain more high value and profitable clients when they train to be a Highly Trusted Advisor with us.

Sean Weafer facilitating a Coaching Session


Game Changing Networking Skills for Executives and Sales Professionals

Sean Weafer is a master of practical networking and explains in simple and fun steps both the psychology and the tips and tricks that allow you to switch on your natural networker and make networking a successful strategy for you, both personally and professionally.

Sean Weafer facilitating a Coaching Session


Impactful, Influential and successful Business Presentation Skills

PresenterEQ is a series of unique services to help management, sales and investor teams audit, build and deliver compelling and winning pitches and conference keynotes, win more business OR build a quality reputation.


Books by Sean Weafer
Providing unique insights in leadership, sales and coaching.

Sean is the author of several books on high impact leadership, high performance  communications and coaching. His books provide specific, actionable insights to help you achieve game-changing results.

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