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Why not book a world-class event speaker (AND speaker coach) who has spoken at multi-cultural leadership and sales conferences around the world.

As a content rich and humorous speaker for your leadership, professional or sales conference or event, I guarantee to get your audiences talking.

As an experienced conference speaker, I know what audiences respond to and I deliver energetic and entertaining messages on what makes leaders, professionals and their teams successful in today's Hybrid working and AI World.

I deliver engaging and content rich presentations on how to network successfully to build business and brand, win and retain more clients, what it takes to stay relevant as a leader in Age of AI and how to develop a successful growth mindset.

I've spoken to audiences in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia where I love to bring humour and practical take-aways to audiences.

I received the Professional Speaking Award of Excellence (Hall of Fame) from the Professional Speakers Association of the UK and Ireland in 2013.

Uniquely I have been the opening keynote speaker at the prestigious us Global Speakers Summit (GSS) 2022 in Dublin, Ireland and closed this same global summit for speaking professionals in 2013 in Vancouver, Canada, the only person to have ever done so.

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Live and Virtual
Speeches by Sean Weafer:
Live and online programs to activate and inspire leadership, management or sales audiences.

I deliver great content through humour, loads of energy, deep insight, engagement and powerful delivery of takeaway tips and techniques.

I've previously addressed audiences from The Financial Times, Bank of Ireland, ACCA, Praxis, Johnson & Johnson, the Fitness Marketing Agency and many more.

If your leadership or sales conference or event can benefit from a professional speaker OR if your company speakers could do with some excellent pre-conference coaching on topic development or speaking skills, to make their presentation even more engaging and effective to your staff or client audiences, call us now. I'd love to have a conversation.
Sean Weafer facilitating a Coaching Session


How to Build Empathy, Engagement and Success With Clients and Customers.

Who are today's highly trusted and influential business development and sales professionals? Why are they the people who are winning more and more high-margin clients, building networks and being recognised and rewarded for their value? What are the core skills that allow them to remain relevant and succeed in today's AI world?

They understand that in the AI world that:

1. Nobody Cares About Your Offering
2. Attention is the New Currency
3. Emotion Wins Attention
4. Share of Attention = Share of Influence = Share of Wallet

Learn how your sales or business development teams and professionals can transform themselves into highly trusted business advisors, keep themselves focused and motivated, powerfully influence high value stakeholders, prospects and clients, network easily to create new business opportunities and much more.

Help your sales audience discover the shift in selling from 'information to influence' and from 'expert to advisor' and explore the skills that build rapid and deep trust and how to stay in control, stay relevant and succeed in this new world of AI.

Sean Weafer facilitating a Coaching Session


Stop Hesitating: Start Networking!

An interactive, fun and highly practical presentation, that is great at encouraging networking by delegates at any conference.

Show any professional audience how networking can become an enjoyable and profitable tool to create new business opportunities, build a strong executive brand and create a powerful referral network.

This presentation will give your audience the confidence and the skills to stop hesitating and start networking to win!

Sean Weafer facilitating a Coaching Session


Connecting in Colour

Let your audience discover how to instantly recognise and build deep rapport and trust rapidly with different personality types in the workplace, live and online.

In leadership, management or sales, getting people to know, like and trust is key. This is how we can consciously create powerful personal connections with our colleagues and clients.

This fun and interactive speech will turn any audience into master communicators and able to have colourful conversations that help them to connect, understand and influence their colleagues, stakeholders and clients OR build their own powerful teams!

It always sparks great coffee and dinner conversations between delegates at conferences.


How to Be a Compelling and Future Proof Leader in the Age of AI.

This speech explores the increasing need for leaders and managers to be less focused on their expertise for success and more on the Human2Human (H2H) skills needed to future-proof their careers and relevance in the Age of AI.

Let Sean help your audience understand how in a world of constant and never-ending change, where AI increasingly takes over the transactional side of business, they can remain not just relevant but compelling leaders.

The speech covers how leadership has already changed and the leadership and influencing skills needed to thrive in this new world.

Here's what Sean's clients are saying

Speaking Testimonials:

Ailish McDonagh

Sean Weafer attended as a guest speaker at a recent Bank of Ireland Leadership event I organised for my colleagues. He was truly impressive and he delivered a specific module tailored to our needs from The High Trust Advisor Series. He communicated the skills in a way that was easily understood and could be put into practice. We were delighted by the positive impact Sean had on the event and I would highly recommend him to any business owners, corporate firms & associations for a master class.

Bank of Ireland Regional Office Area North
Cathal McGlinchey

I would like to say a huge thanks to Sean for his recent presentation to our management team in Travelodge Ireland. The professionalism, experience and motivating style of communication that Sean conveys are second to none. The team left feeling energised and confident with the additional knowledge and processes highlighted in Sean's presentation. Thoroughly excellent throughout and thanks again Sean!

National Sales & Marketing Director at TRAVELODGE IRELAND
Niels Brabandt

I saw Sean speaking on numerous occasions. In Vancouver, Canada, as the closing speaker of an international convention. The same event confirmed him again as the opening speaker for the same international meeting some years later. I also saw him speak in Dublin, Ireland, and Manchester and London, England, sometimes facing very tough audiences and settings. One of these challenges was that he delivered a keynote from sitting within the audience, spotlight on him, delivering a brilliant speech ending with one of the many standing ovations he received when I saw him. Sean is a master of his craft. I highly recommend working with him.

Leadership Expert

Companies that loved having me speak for them.

The Speaker Coaching Program

This unique one-day intensive program is focused on helping leaders, business owners and sales or investor-pitch teams develop professional-level conference speaking or presentation skills (board or ‘all hands’ presentations, investor relations, conference speaking etc.).

The day is tailored to the exact needs of each client and includes developing the conference keynote or presentation title, presentation purpose and desired outcomes, speech content and slide deck development, improving confidence and professional delivery. Helping them to build and develop both the presentation/speech and the presenter/speaker to a professional international standard.

This one day program radically improves a sales team's or senior executive's professional brand and presence, the impact of their company message and the level of engagement and attention from their audiences.

Frequently Asked

What speaking services do I provide?

I provide the following speaking services (all available live and/or virtually);

1. Keynote speaking for leadership and sales 'kick off' conferences and events.

2. Speaker and presentation coaching and speech development for senior executives, sales or pitch teams.

3. Facilitating and delivering breakout sessions and workshops.

Where have I spoken?

I'm an experienced global speaker and workshop leader having presented to multi-cultural and multi-lingual (via interpreters) audiences in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

My material is always well received and all presentations are tailored for the client and for the culture.

Some sample clients and locations where I've spoken are;

- The Financial Times Private Dinner (London, UK)

- Daiichi Sankyo European Sales Conference MC (Barcelona, Spain)

-The ACCA (Birmingham, UK)- The Institute of Financial Planners (Cardiff, UK)

- Acelity Medical (Barcelona, Spain)- Mazars UK (London, UK)- Zurich Insurances (Dublin, Republic of Ireland)

– Praxity Conference (Vienna, Austria)

– Vodafone (Doha, Qatar).

- Closing Keynote Speaker at the Global Speakers Summit (Vancouver, Canada)

What do I speak on?

My range of topics are diverse and are delivered in an insightful, entertaining, energetic and practical way.

- Sales
- Leadership
- Coaching
- Networking
- Communications

Why would I engage you?

As well as being a highly experienced global speaker, I'm known as a masterful and influential communicator, with a gift for language and the ability to be able to take complex concepts in sales, networking, communications, sales, leadership, coaching and motivation and turn them into powerful and simple messages for my audience.

I provide practical, immediately applicable tips and techniques in a motivational, enthusiastic and engaging style and I'm happy to mix with the audiences before and after my presentation at events.

I'm also the author of a series of books and eBooks that can be made available to your audiences as a means of deepening the learning and maximising the value of the takeaways from your event.

I pride myself on being prompt to respond, easy to work with, responding quickly to your needs and working hard with your event team before during and after the event to make your event a huge success with your stakeholders and audiences.

Enjoy Sean's keynotes both live or virtually

Speeches that inspire real growth.

Ready to take the next step? Get in touch to find out how we can help your event run productively and successfully, whether it’s a live event or a digital/virtual event run online and remotely.