Selling is Life!

Selling is Life! is a new business development and sales subscription community coming soon on the platform, facilitated by Sean Weafer.

Providing weekly clinics to answer all your questions and provide coaching on your business development or sales challenges in real time, a community of other members to network with and be supported by, a monthly 'Pitch Wednesday' event where you can sharpen your presentation skills to pitch to other members for business or referral opportunities, a weekly sales motivational and challenge video and a library of micro-learning videos on everything to do with selling and business development.

If you want to build a profitable business, have a successful career, find a job, meet your life partner, create friendships you have to sell (create empathy, build engagement, influence the result). Selling is Life!

Hire Sean as a speaker for your next event

Live and online programs to activate and inspire your sales or leadership audiences.

Sean delivers fantastic and always relevant content through humour, loads of energy, deep insight, engagement and powerful delivery of takeaway tips and techniques.

He's previously addressed leadership and sales teams from The Financial Times, Bank of Ireland, ACCA, Praxis, Johnson & Johnson and many more.

If your sales or leadership conference or 'kick off' event can benefit from a powerfully uplifting and engaging professional speaker OR if your company speakers could do with some excellent pre-conference coaching on topic development or speaking skills, call us now. I'd love to speak.

Presentation Skills

Explore leading-edge presentation and pitching skills training and consulting to help your business development, sales, investor pitching and executive teams become excellent presenters and conference speakers. 

Explore services from skills workshops on how to develop decks and present to modern audiences, to assessing and strengthening your presentations and proposals, to individual speaker coaching for conference speaking from a top class international speaker and trainer.

Networking Skills

A half-day interactive skills workshop (or engaging keynote conference or event speech) in how to use personal contact networking as a strategy to access new prospects and clients OR build leadership brand and executive presence OR create influential referral networks OR upgrade your professional networks and career.

Mentoring and Coaching Skills

Mentoring and Coaching skills are essential for modern leaders. They help enhance performance, competence and skills in a modern team or organisation. Click to download our workshop program.