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Sean Weafer.

Welcome to my website and thanks for visiting.

I have a wealth of international leadership, sales and business experience and insights to draw on to help current and future leaders, managers business owners and their sales and executive teams succeed in the new (post-Covid) economy.

Over the last two decades I've worked with some of the world's top companies including, The Financial Times, Bank of Ireland, Kuehne+Nagel,  Microsoft, Dell Technologies, Keyword Studios, DB Schenker, BT, Elavon Bank, PKF, DLA Piper and others.

I'm an engineer by profession and a trained psychotherapist, so I provide simple, clear explanations and practical steps to complex concepts like communications, leadership and business development in the post-Covid.

With oversight from Dr. Denis Waitley (the renowned American speaker, author and behavioural psychologist, friend and mentor) I designed the Global to Specific (G2S) communications and performance coaching system.

I created and deliver the game-changing High Trust Advisor Sales Influence Program, I'm a Marshall Goldsmith certified leadership coach, author of three books, award winning professional speaker, psychotherapist and formerly a merchant naval officer and engineer.

That's enough to to cram into anyone's life.

All available to you through one of my services. Why not get in touch today, it all starts with a connection.

Look forward to speaking.

A brief introduction
I enable leaders and sales teams to lead or sell with greater empathy, trust, influence and impact in the new Hybrid and post-Covid world.
I provide game-changing programs that transform subject matter expert leaders, practice professionals, SMB owners and sales teams into compelling leaders and advisors who can successfully communicate their expertise with trust, influence and impact to become enablers of success in others and be recognised and rewarded for their value at team, investor, board and client level.
My clients have included Microsoft,, Elavon Bank, Bank of Ireland, Dell Technologies, Keywords International, BT and many more where I've transformed experts and revenue leaders into Highly Trusted Leaders and Business Advisors.
As an engineer by profession I excel at taking complex concepts in leadership, sales and communication and breaking them down into simple, practical and actionable tool kits to help business experts transform into business influencers and highly trusted advisors and leaders.
I designed the unique Global to Specific (G2S) coaching system, I'm a Marshall Goldsmith certified leadership coach and a qualified psychotherapist and hypnotherapist.

So I bring some interesting insights in emotional and social intelligence into my programs.
I've written three books; ‘Invoking the Feminine: Strength, Love and Wisdom’ (2019) ‘C.A.S.H: Coaching As a Side Hustle’ (2020) and The Highly Trusted Advisor: How to Win Clients and Lead Teams in the Hybrid Age’ (2021).

My Values:






I believe that leadership values need to undergo a fundamental shift in order to adapt to this new Hybrid and post-Covid Age that we have been propelled into as a result of the Covid 19 event.
For millennia masculine values have been predominant in society and business. Values such as command and control, competition, ambition, hierarchy, logic, expertise and so on have been essential to humankind’s rise from the pre-Stone Age to the vast and gleaming cities of today and our ability to project our consciousness out into the stars.
However, in the new Hybrid Age and AI (artificial intelligence) Age, digital platforms increasingly provide the expertise and processes previously provided by people (and allow those people to work remotely). So, in the future, leadership and sales success will be defined by a person’s ability to embrace and integrate more Feminine energies of and values such as empathy, nurture, communications, networking and collaboration into their expert leadership and sales styles.
No longer will authority come solely from position or content expertise but also from one’s ability to connect with and influence others to work together, to drive innovation and creativity, to enable success in others and share ownership.
This style of leadership is about creating environments in which our people can excel and where excellent communication, coaching and fostering creativity will be at its heart.
Successful leadership is genderless, it’s no longer about being a male or female professional.

It’s about how well you can balance both masculine and feminine traits and connect, understand and influence people to make change and innovate and leave the processes and the transactional stuff to the online 'bots'.
Business leaders, practice professionals, SMB business owners and sales teams will need to understand, draw from and balance both Masculine and Feminine values and energies as required to bring balance and make change in society and business.

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An interview with Sean Weafer

Building Blocks

6 Pillars of Sean Weafer

The six pillars that shaped me into the recommended leadership and sales enabler I am today.

Sean Weafer

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1994 Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Prosper Group sales and management training firm

1995 Certifies as an Analytical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist

1997 Mentored by the US behavioural psychologist and professional speaker Dr. Denis Waitley in speaking and coaching and then Creates the G2S Coaching System.



Certifies as Instructor in Hypnosis and psychometrics practitioner.


Publishes first book ‘The Business Coaching Revolution’ (Blackhall Press).


Leaves The Prosper Group to found

Becomes Founder Member and Honorary VP of Association for Coaching in the UK.

2007 Keynote Speaker at The Authentic Leadership Conference in London, UK.

2013 Receives Professional Speaking Award of Excellence (PSAE) an Speaking Fellow (CSP) In December, delivers the closing keynote speech of the Global Speakers Summit in Vancouver, ‘Rebel in a Business Suit’.

2014 Publishes first edition of ‘The High Trust Advisor’.


Publishes ‘Invoking the Feminine’. Certifies as a Marshall Goldsmith Leadership coach.


Publishes ‘C.A.S.H: Coaching As a Side Hustle’.


Creates the G2S Executive Coaching School and publishes the new ‘The Highly Trusted Advisor: How to Communicate to Lead Teams and Win Clients in the Hybrid Age’.