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PresenterEQ is a series of unique services to help you audit, build and deliver compelling and winning business, investor or sales pitches or conference keynote presentations, to win more business and build a quality reputation or executive presence.

PresenterEQ Promise

Get unparalleled presentation training from a world class expert, Sean Weafer.

With PresenterEQ:

We ensure you are set up for success by providing you with more than just world class knowledge but with the practical and psychological skills that can be immediately applied to supercharge your presentations..

Result 1

Win even more business or client pitches.

How valuable would it be to win just 10% more of your existing pitches and presentations? Never lose the opportunity to win and retain clients.

Result 2

Convince more colleagues or investors that you're the right partner for them.

No matter how good the idea or proposal, a poor pitch can lose you the investment, the support or the resources.

Result 3

WOW the audience at your next network meeting, conference or 'all hands'.

An executive can lose the opportunity to enhance their personal brand, the confidence of their audience or damage their reputation or that of the firm with a poorly delivered presentation.
a simple Truth

It all starts with having an understanding.

Research indicates that if we fail to capture the attention of the audience in the first 5 minutes, we’ve lost the pitch and the opportunity.

The challenge today is not that audiences have limited attention spans but that they have large spans of distraction.

There are only two questions in their minds when you start to present: “So what?” and “Who cares?”.

Sadly, most presentations fall far short of what’s required to answer those questions.To win pitches today, requires more than creating a PowerPoint deck. It requires you or your team to be an effective communications tool with lots of personal confidence, fluency and competence.

That’s why SeanWeafer.com has launched PresenterEQ, how to develop and deliver winning presentations, sales pitches or conference keynotes to any audience.
Sean Weafer facilitating a Coaching Session

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7 Reasons Pitches Fail
We have 4 unique services to choose from:
Sean Weafer facilitating a Coaching Session


The Psychology of Winning Presentations (Workshop)

Learn the psychology and skills behind winning pitches and presentations in the Hybrid Age.

The ability to speak in public, be it to a small but critical group presentation or delivering an ‘all hands’ or to a large conference, is a much-respected skill in professionals and leaders.  

Whether live or virtually, to be able to craft a compelling speech, presentation or a message, deliver it confidently and influence the audience demonstrates your ability to be powerfully convincing with others and grow your perceived leadership or sales value.

Learn how here.

  • Discover how to create compelling business messages that grab your listeners’ attention
  • Learn the key psychological laws that attract an audience’s attention in the new Hybrid Age.
  • Discover how to structure and deliver high impact presentations for modern audiences.
  • Become a confident and master speaker with any audience, small or large
  • Use humour and story to compel your audience to engage
  • Discover how to manage audience questions and challenging participants
  • Discover how to format your slide decks to win and retain audience attention
  • Learn why simplicity should rule slide decks
  • How to open and close presentations and speeches with impact
Sean Weafer facilitating a Coaching Session


PitchAudit (Consulting)

Assess. Improve. Win.

This is where we assess an existing pitch or a series of pitches, presentations or a conference keynote and recommend specific, cutting-edge amendments and improvements to create a winning pitch or speech right there.

This covers everything from:
1. Creating a powerful opening to the pitch/speech
2. Developing a correctly formatted deck
3. Using influential language, imagery, stories, suitable humour
4. Managing audience engagement, questions and handling feedback
5. Handling multiple presenters and delivery style.

This also covers the pitch delivery, where we assess the presenters(s) and their confidence, fluency and effectiveness and coach them on the developing a winning delivery style. PitchAudit can take your existing pitch or speech and turn it into a compelling and winning one.

To discuss how Sean can help you with creating a compelling and winning business pitch, presentation or keynote just click here to arrange a virtual coffee to discuss:

Sean Weafer facilitating a Coaching Session


PitchBuild (Consulting)

Building Winning Pitches From Scratch.

This is where we work with you to build your winning pitch or conference keynote from scratch. Where no pitch, presentation or keynote currently exists and you want to build the best.

As well as the services available through PitchAudit, this includes:
1. Pre-presentation research (how to get to the heart of the audience’s needs).
2. Creating the title
3. Creating the deck
4. Rehearsing and coaching the presentation team or the executive prior to the event.

To discuss how Sean can help you with creating a compelling and winning business pitch, presentation or keynote just click here to arrange a virtual coffee to discuss:

Sean Weafer facilitating a Coaching Session


Executive Speaker Coaching


Become the Best Speaker at Your Corporate Event

This one-day program radically improves a senior executive or leader’s professional brand and executive presence, the impact of their company message and the level of engagement and attention from their audiences.

Sean has experience on speaking on professional stages around the world with multi-cultural, multi-lingual audiences. Work one-on-one with him and let him help you make a real impact at your next conference or event.

Sean Weafer facilitating a Coaching Session


The Pitch to Prosper Program (Intensive Workshop)

Learn how to how to create, build and present winning pitches every time.

This 3-day workshop program teaches your team the skills and the psychology of how to create, build and present winning pitches every time.

It consists of 6 content modules, followed by a coaching session to apply and assess pitch development and delivery. Available as an in-house program. Why not arrange a call to discuss how to take your sales, marketing or pitch team to the next level?


Module 1: Pre-Presentation Prep

1. Handling the Attention Myth
2. Researching the Audience (Prospect, Client, Stakeholders)
3. Understanding UPPs
4. Having a Values Conversation
5. Creating Compelling Value Statements (PCRS/PCEs)
6. Building Presenter Credibility
7. Selecting a Presentation Team
8. Setting the Objective and the CTA


Module 2: Building the Deck

1. The Cover Slide
2. Why the Title Matters
3. Formatting the Opening, Middle, End and Close
4. Presenting Complex Information
5. Using Images
6. Presentation Content
7. Delivering Without a Deck


Module 3: Pitch Delivery

1. Winning the Pitch or Presentation Right From the Start
2. Questions of Consequence
3. Developing Stories
4. Building Rapport: (90 second Trust Process)
5. Creating and Using Humour
6. Managing Multiple Presenters / Co-Hosts
7. Managing Your Delivery State/Confidence
8. Pitching Remotely or Digitally / Using Interactive Tools Isi.do and Mentimeter.com / Owning the Audiences Physical World
9. Using Pitch Producers


Module 4: Managing the Audience - Part 1

1. Building Rapport and Trust
2. Working with Different Audience Personalities


Module 5: Managing the Audience - Part 2

1. Facilitating with Questions
2. Framing Persuasive Language
3. Using Your Tonality to Control the Pitch or Presentation
4. Managing Audience Questions
5. Handling Pushback or Objections
6. Dealing With Challenging Audience Members / the Phygital audience.


Module 6: Closing the Pitch

1. Summarising Value
2. Positioning the CTA
3. The Convincer Question
4. Managing Follow-Up

To discuss how Sean can help you with creating a compelling and winning business pitch, presentation or keynote just click here to arrange a virtual coffee to discuss:

Here's what our clients are saying

PresenterEQ Testimonials:

Alan Stevens

Sean is a master practitioner when it comes to speaking on stage. He is a brilliant storyteller, a deliverer of truth, and a consummate entertainer. He takes his audience with him on a journey of enlightenment. I can't recommend him highly enough. He also translates that skill into speaker coaching and mentoring, with thousands of satisfied clients.

Virtual/Remote Speaking Specialist, Speaker and MC
Niels Brabandt

I saw Sean speaking on numerous occasions. In Vancouver, Canada, as the closing speaker of an international convention. The same event confirmed him again as the opening speaker for the same international meeting some years later. Sean is a master of his craft. I highly recommend working with him.

Sustainable Leadership Expert, Coach and Speaker
Sharon Rossignuolo

I would highly recommend Sean as a speaker, both online and offline. He is a powerful communicator with a gift of connecting with the audience, giving them both what they want & need to become both comfortable and confident with sales. For women in business in particular, I believe Sean’s refreshingly honest and unique perspective will change how they perceive sales in their business and as a result, will be pivotal as they move forward with confidence to increase sales and fundamentally change the course of their business results.

Senior Leadership Development and Executive Coach

Frequently Asked

Why Do I Need to Improve My Presenting and Speaking Skills?

For leaders, successful presenting and speaking skills means that they can:

1. Project their professional executive and leadership brand and expertise at business conferences and management meetings

2. Connect effectively with their staff to inspire and motivate them to new heights and

3. Successfully pitch projects and proposals to influence and make and impact on key internal stakeholders and external investors.

For business development and sales teams successful presenting and speaking skills means that they can:

1. Project the product or service in a meaningful way that builds huge trust and influence

2. Capture and hold the attention of audiences that are receiving so many 'traditional' pitches and presentations from competitors, to make a powerful impact and stand out as the best client solution.

3. Increase their close ratios on pitches and presentations by making their messages and pitches much more relevant and client-focused to the customer

Why PresenterEQ?

PresenterEQ offers multiple solutions to maximise your leadership or sales team presenting and speaking effectiveness, from individual coaching of leaders due to give an important speech or investor presentation, to workshops for sales teams.

All programs are delivered by Sean Weafer, one of the foremost professional speakers in the world.

Whether it's personal coaching, pitch or presentation skills training, auditing and editing Sean's unique experiences on stages across the world, and his understanding of the spoken word and the psychology of modern audiences, is a game changer for his clients.

How Do I Know the Right Solution for Me or My Business?

Just arrange a complimentary call with Sean now and he can start the process to help you tailor that world beating presentation or sales pitch today, whether you are delivering locally or globally, live or online.

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