Certified G2S Coach Training

for Leaders and Consultants

Develop game changing leadership skills as an internal corporate coach or create a successful and fulfilling career as an external professional coach. We'll teach you the in-demand skills you need to get there.
Sean Weafer
Coaching executives and professionals in practice
Sean Weafer
Coaching executives and professionals in practice
Sean Weafer
Coaching executives and professionals in practice
Sean Weafer
Coaching executives and professionals in practice
Sean Weafer
Coaching executives and professionals in practice
Sean Weafer
Coaching executives and professionals in practice
Sean Weafer
Coaching executives and professionals in practice
Sean Weafer
Coaching executives and professionals in practice
Sean Weafer
Coaching executives and professionals in practice
Sean Weafer
Coaching executives and professionals in practice


The purpose of the G2S Coaching System Certification program is to train, assess and certify a student as a professional executive, business, leadership or personal coach able to coach successfully as an external professional or as an in-house corporate coach.

- Sean Weafer

There are two stages of training and certification as a G2S Coach:

Stage 1

This program leads to a CPD-accredited certification as a G2S Coach.
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Stage 2

This stage leads to a higher-level certification as a G2S Executive Coach level.
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CPD Accredited Badge

CPD Provider

2021 - 2022

38 Hours

CPD Certified Accreditation

the Global to Specific Coaching Certification

What is the G2S coaching certification?


coaching system certification

G2S is short for 'Global to Specific' in that the coach helps to identify the major or global objectives or goals first for the client. The coach then assists the client to articulate or define the goals (identifying both what the client wants in each case but also the primary personal motivation behind the goal). The coach then helps the client identify perceived obstacles to success, future paces the goals to set an expectation of success then helps with creating a detailed list of actionable steps that
can be taken. Through the process the client is supported with personal accountability from the coach to accomplish the client's goals within a defined period of time.


Step-By-Step Process

To ensure you always get it right the first time.

Live Coaching Clinics

Extensive live coaching clinics and training.

Unlimited Expert Feedback

Unlimited feedback from our expert team.

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Build high-value skills with the G2S Coaching System

Thriving as a coach requires both structure and skills. Our course helps you with both.

deliver value

Become a skilled coach and deliver measurable value

Learn a step-by-step process for helping your colleagues, team members and clients achieve their goals with measurable return on investment.

Be SOught after

Coaching is the new skill for the digital, hybrid age

Coaching is a much sought after leadership skill in the hybrid age and the 2nd fastest growing profession in the world. Be part of the revolution in leadership and train as a G2S Coach today.

g2s Certification Program structure

8 Phase Program

Phase 1

Pre-Training Phase


1. Student Declaration of Interest

2. Student is sent application form

3. Student interview

4. Student acceptance and completion of registration and fee paid (in full or deposit
and monthly payments)
Two weeks before training Day 1:
Prior to attending the training the student is required to do some initial reading and research to get the foundation level knowledge of terminology and skills required and to prepare them for the program.

Learning Objectives

1. To become familiar with Sean Weafer's work on coaching͕ including unique definitions, coaching models and structure.

2. To become familiar with the terminology to be used on the training program.

3. To understand the course structure and what will be covered on the program.

4. To become familiar with the G2S Coaching System in terms of layout, flow and sheets used.


1. Copy of Sean Weafer's book C.A.S.H -Coaching As a Side Hustle, digital version for reading and review.

2. Copies of Sean Weafer's articles on coaching.

3. A soft copy of the G2S Coaching interactive system that they will use during the program and with their pro bono clients.

4. Index of the coaching training.

Phase 2

Day 1 of training


Day 1 of training deals with introductions to the training group, course welcome,
housekeeping and then provides training on Step 1-13 on the coaching index.

1. Introductions and Welcome

2. Coaching overview and initial Q&A

3. Defining Coaching v Mentoring v Counselling/Therapy 4. Potential Client Profiles and Challenges - coaching offerings.

5. Qualities of a good coach

6. Using the G2S system

7. The 7 Steps to G2S Coaching

8. Introducing the Coaching Session Flowcharts

9. The Discovery Session (set up) - online or in person

10. Code of Ethics

11. Defining G2S Coaching: interpretation and fluency

12. Introducing the 6C Model

13. Introducing the Performance Gap Model

Learning Objectives

1. To introduce the student to an overview of coaching and compare coaching against other interventions such as mentoring, counselling and therapy.

2. To help the student understand the clear boundaries between coaching/mentoring and counselling/therapy and what professional behaviour is expected when faced with a client in need of the latter.

3. To introduce the student to the types of clients they may work with and the most
common types of objectives that clients present.

4. To explore the contexts in which students can apply their training and coaching programs can be structured.

5. To explore the elements that make up a good coach and the ethics required.

6. To understand the 7 Phases of coaching and how the course flowcharts can help
them understand and apply the G2S coaching system successfully every time.

7. To introduce the first stage of any G2S coaching engagement (the complimentary or Discovery Session) and how this is used to build rapport with the client, familiarise them with the system and to help them identify what specific objectives they may wish to work on during a full program.

8. Getting the students familiar with the unique 6C and Performance Gap Models used in G2S Coaching.


1. Digital copies of the flowcharts for the system.

2. A copy of the 7 Phases of a coaching program.

3. Access to the G2S® audio recording files.

4. A personality profiling assessment of preferred communication style.

5. G2S implementation documents including tips on using Action Plans and a client visit schedule sheet.

Phase 3

Intermediary Work


There is a gap of 2 weeks between training days to allow students to digest the material covered on Day 1 of training and the significant material they have received by this time.

Learning Objectives

While most of the study is self-directed there are certain learning objectives set for this period.
1. Be able to explain what is meant by the term G2S

2. Be able to explain what is meant by confidentiality to a client and the relevant
exceptions to same.

3. Be able to articulate and explain the relevant areas of the G2S definition of coaching in full.
4. Be able to explain the 7 Phases of the G2S Coaching System and have a working
knowledge of the session flowcharts

5. Have completed any reading of accompanying articles and the course book.

6. Be able to explain the 6 Model

7. Be able to explain the Performance Gap model.


n/a (as previously provided)

Phase 4

Day 2 of training


This is a full day in which students complete Steps 14-24 of the program.

14. How to show the client the system and why.

15. Explain the  3 Gates to G2S Coaching -the Coaching Trinity, the Competency Wheel and 360 degree assessment.

16. The Coaching Trinity and Articulating a Goal ʹ Practice

17. Demonstrate the Use of the Competency Wheel for individual and group coaching.

18. Introducing the Coaching Objective Sheet - Practice

19. Using the Meta View

20. Structuring a Goal - Practice

21. Creating an Action Plan - client and coach roles

22. Reviewing the Plan

23. Victory List exercise

24. Demonstrate a Discovery Call session

Learning Objectives

1. Understand how to explain to the client the layout of the G2S system and why this is important in building rapport and trust with the client.

2. Explain how coaching can start with different approaches to provide a variety of options for a G2S coach to help a client start a program and identify their objectives.

3. Explore the rest of the tools and how they are used and integrated into the coaching system; how to use them, what their purpose is and how this helps the client reach their goals, including how to position self-reflected periods for the client both during and when the program comes to an end.

4. Learn and practice how to properly articulate a goal or how to use the right
language and structure when setting a goal for maximum effect for the client.

5. Discover how to run a complimentary Discovery Call session

Coaching Clinics

These begin on a two-week basis ʹ a 60mins coaching clinic (total of 4) - held with the course tutor and/or supporting tutor that students must attend. This is to help the students to handle any challenges during the their Phase 5 process ʹ eg. correct articulation of goals, using any of the tools, client resistance, lack of engagement, reference to training materials, clarification of definitions et al. Additionally, for where any of their questions regarding the study materials or the program are answered.
(The tutor is also available by email to any students at any time during the training).
Materials provided at coaching clinic:
Written Examination handed out/accessed and discussed

Phase 5

Coaching Practice and Pro-bono work


In Phase 5 the student starts to work with two selected clients of their choosing. They will take both clients from the initial Discovery Call session through to the final Victory List session with which a coaching program completes.
During this time they will become familiar not only with how to apply the coaching system but also how all the materials they have been provided with to-date can support their learning.

Learning Objectives

1. How to introduce coaching to a live client.

2. How the theory gets applied in practice.

3. Developing confidence in the student in both the system and themselves.

4. Building rapport and contracting skills with live clients.

5. Delivering on a unique set of objectives for their clients

6. Gaining initial testimonials or in-house recognition for their own practice


n/a (as previously provided)

Phase 6

Written Examination


In Phase 6 students are issued with a 31 question written examination. This is an open book examination and requires a high degree of accuracy to pass. This takes anything from 2-3 hours to complete and the students are given several weeks in which to complete this assignment.
Success at this exercise is essential to progress to Stage 7 and final assessment.

Learning Objectives

The student can demonstrate they can access the relevant material to support them going forward after the training has completed.


Exam paper previously supplied / accessed at Coaching Clinic 1

Phase 7

Discovery session practical assessment


After completion of the pro bono work and the successful completion of their written assessment, each student must then run a live Discovery Coaching Session with the course tutor or nominated coach. At this they will be assessed with a graded scale as to ability.

Learning Objectives

1. To demonstrate complete familiarity and fluency in explaining the system

2. The demonstrate the ability to successfully articulate a client objectives

3. Be able to successfully get client agreement to start a program.


n/a (as Live Session)

Phase 8

Full certification as G2S Executive Coach

57.5 CPD Accredited Hours


This phase is the final training required to certify as a G2S Executive Coach. It can only be taken once a delegate has completed Phases 1-7.

The program consists of 3 further days of training plus coaching clinics.

There is no final assessment.

Learning Objectives

1. To become familiar with the content and resources and (where relevant apply) the learning modules included in the HTA: Business Development/Professional Communications program.

2. To be certified and licensed as a coach/facilitator of the above programs to provide individual coaching clients and company teams proven and CPD-certified training in business development and communications skills.


For details on this training and the resources provided please see HTA: Business Development/ or Professional Communications program.
CPD Accredited Badge

38 CPD hours for Student Certification as G2S certified Coach or total of 57.5 CPD hours for certification as G2S Executive Coach

our founder

Learn with Sean Weafer

Sean is an industry veteran with over 20 years of coaching experience having been one of the first professional coaches in the world. Sean is the creator of the G2S coaching system, is a Marshall Goldsmith certified leadership coach and is a qualified psychotherapist. He is the author of three books; ‘Invoking the Feminine: Strength, Love and Wisdom’ (2019), ‘C.A.S.H: Coaching As a Side Hustle’ (2020) and The Highly Trusted Advisor: How to Win Clients and Lead Teams in the Hybrid Age’ plus several e-books on management and sales communications.
a headshot of Sean Weafer

Resources by Sean Weafer

Recent books by Sean Weafer

Sean is the author of three books; ‘Invoking the Feminine: Strength, Love and Wisdom’ (2019), ‘C.A.S.H: Coaching As a Side Hustle’ (2020) and The Highly Trusted Advisor: How to Win Clients and Lead Teams in the Hybrid Age’ plus several e-books on management and sales communications.

our vice president

an image of Gill Carrie
an image of Gill Carrie

Learn with Gill Carrie

Gill became an entrepreneur and educator at the very young age of 19 - her people, business and educational skills were honed locally, nationally and globally over her 40 years experience in industry, business and education with major organisations, companies and brands - and one of the early recipients of the Investors in People Award for her own company.

As VP of G2S® Executive Coaching School, Gill is also a Marshall Goldsmith Certified Leadership Coach in One-to-One and Team Stakeholder Centered Coaching, G2S® Coaching system and methodology and is Chair of the CIC Board at The Scottish Design Exchange (SDX).

Gill is a proud mum of two amazing grown up sons, Gill is based in Scotland.

What Sean's clients are saying

Student Testimonials

Anne-Louise Pemberton

Executive Coach
The G2S Coaching System Certification Program is a fresh approach to coaching that offers much to coaches of all levels of experience. As an experienced coach it has added immensely to the toolkit I am able to use with clients, particularly around goal setting and achievement. For clients looking for a dynamic, focused approach it can really accelerate action. It has been extremely valuable to work with the support of Sean and a small cohort, ensuring standards are impeccably high and that ultimately clients are able to choose a properly qualified coach with confidence.

Greg Fradd

Training Consultant at Training & Development
I’ve been studying to become an accredited coach of Sean’s G2S Coaching program, alongside my work with MGI Learning. I can really see this service adding value to our clients, to give them what they need to get what they need. It’s been a really interesting learning journey and Sean has been a great support throughout. G2S is a great system...work the system, the system works!

frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What does a G2S coaching qualification give me as a business manager, executive or leader?

As a business manager, executive or leader being able to coach using a proven coaching system provides the following wins for you and your team:

1. More successful team engagement, removal of resistance to change and improved performance using measured outcomes.

2. Greater clarity, focus and alignment between you and the team.

3. Higher levels of trust, transparency, motivation and accountability within the team.

4. Team members see you as a valuable facilitator and enabler.

5. A system that creates greater collaboration, co-operation and shared ownership of deliverables.

6. Improves the quality of feedback and the appraisals experience and allows for instant constructive interventions for rapid positive change.

7. Greater ownership by team members of their individual performance.

8. Can support peers and other stakeholders.

9. Reduces traditional management time and creates an environment where team members can excel.


What does a G2S coaching qualification give me as an individual?

As an individual interested in starting your own professional coaching practice being able to coach using a proven coaching system provides you with the following wins:

1. A robust, certified and proven system of coaching that is based on measured and specific ‘return on investment’ for the client.

2. A clear set of tools that provide immediate change for the client from the very first coaching session.

3. A successful client-engagement process that allows you to build trust rapidly and demonstrate the benefits to a prospective client quickly and increases the number of prospects to paying clients.

4. A defined coaching process with specific steps that leads clients to success every time and allows them to measure and review where the performance shifts happened for them.

5. A huge degree of credibility as a professional executive coach and a three decade tradition of successful coaching to draw from.

6. The confidence and the system to be able to turn your existing experience into valuable insights that drive change for clients.

7. Access to a network of other professionals and access to ongoing support and education once you qualify.

8. A licensed set of products and tools to help you with growing your business and adding immediate value to your clients.

9. Assurance that your training investment leads to a coaching business that is uniquely yours.


What are the stages to certification?

There are two stages to training:

Stage 1: A G2S Certified Coach
This training takes on average about 4 months and leads to the award of a G2S Certified Coach certificate. This stage teaches you all you need to know to be a successful performance coach e.g. Client induction, Defining Coaching, Coaching Tools and their use, using the G2S Coaching System and all the other areas outlined in the Student Journey document.

Once this stage is completed you are licensed to practice as a G2S certified coach in any environment.

Stage 2: A G2S Certified Executive Coach
This second stage builds on the G2S certification by teaching and licensing coaches to use The High Trust Advisor Communications and Sales programs.

These programs allow coaches to be able to coach and facilitate The High Trust Advisor material to individuals and teams/groups looking for communications training or sales training.

Once through this second stage coaches are then certified as a G2S Executive Coach and licensed to use the materials with individual and team/group clients in the executive or business world.

The materials are a set of tool kits that executives and professionals need in the modern world e.g. time management, building executive presence, working with teams and stakeholders or clients, presentation and speaking skills and much more.

This second stage also serves as a business development program for coaches in practice.


How is the training delivered?

Training is delivered online and globally using a mix of live webinars, books, coaching system, audio programs and assessments.


How much does training and certification cost?

The fee for the full program to executive coach certification is  €5500.

This includes all materials, training and certification.

In the case of professional certification to establish your own practice we do not seek to secure any of your coaching income after training. You keep what you earn.

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